How to Remove Paint from Concrete

How to Remove Paint from Concrete

Paint makes our house brighter and beautiful insight. it sometimes defines our personality just by looking at the colors that we choose. But what if the paint accidentally spilled on the surface? That’s not a problem!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove paint from concrete:

First step: 

Clean the surface. To remove all the dirt and debris, First, prepare a mixture of soap and water or a Trisodium Phosphate (It is a cleaning agent that is advisable to use for tough cleaning jobs.) Just dilute it with water but also, be careful about using it because it is so potent. Just to be sure, wear hand gloves. Second, sweep off all the dirt and debris, you may also remove the loose paint as much as possible. Lastly, use the soapy water or diluted trisodium phosphate to scrub it off with a brush. Rinse it and allow one to three hours for the surface to dry. 

Second step: 

Use chemical paint strippers. After doing the first step, some paint started to loosen or chip that you may scrape or peel it away. You may use a scraper or a knife in doing it. Now, get the chemical paint stripper. But before using it, make sure to wear appropriate protective gear like a mask, gloves, and long sleeves. The chemical paint stripper that you will use may vary depending on the type of paint that you are trying to remove. If you are uncertain about what to use, oil-based paint stripper will be your best option. Apply a generous layer of paint stripper.

Third step:

Leave it and let the chemical do its job. A Chemical reaction will take place and do its job to remove the excess paint on the surface. Of course, it will take time for the chemicals to take effect so check the instructions given by the manufacturer. It is usually seen at the side of the can. Mostly, this is for about one to eight hours.

Fourth step: 

Scrub and clean it again. You may use wire srub and scraper to remove the paint. To remove all traces, use a pressure washer. It is okay to repeat the procedure. Now, if it still has traced, use the paint stripper for the second or third time. It is sometimes needed to thoroughly remove the paint.

You had the huge paint spilled on the surface? No problem!

You only have to do the same step-by-step guide but with a little difference. Instead of just using a pain stripper and pressure washer, get a ground clay powder. It is an absorbent material that is useful in absorbing that paint on the surface. Doesn’t have ground clay but you have cute little cats in the house? Problem solved! You may use kitty litter. Just pulverized it and you are all set!

For this procedure, just follow the first step on the guidelines above then let’s proceed for the guides on using this another mixture.

First step: Make a paste. Mix the stripper and absorbent material. Make sure that it is not too watery nor too gooey.

Second step: Apply it on a surface. Apply a generous amount of the mixture then spread it. It takes time for the stripper to work so allow 20 minutes to an hour. Make sure to add thinner to the mixture now and then during the process to keep the mixture active. 

Third step: Scrape off the paste. The chemical reaction brought by the mixture has done the work for you. Scrape it using a scraper or a knife. If there’s a remaining paint on the surface, repeat the process.

Fourth step: Now, scrub and clean it again. You may use wire scrub and soapy water to remove the excess particles.